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5 Unexpected Opportunities When You Start Dancing

5 unexpected opportunities when you start dancing!

Salsa, Bachata and All Types of Dance & Social Dancing...

Learning dance is not only an opportunity to learn a new skill, but you can also find so many other opportunities open up and change your life. The benefits of dance are not limited only to health and physical aspects, but also present other opportunities in life, some you may not expect!

Below is a list of opportunities that can affect each student when they begin dance lessons and join the social dance community/family.

1. Expand your Social Circle

Salsa & Bachata dances are SOCIAL DANCES – this means you learn how to lead or follow certain steps inside your chosen discipline which enables you to dance with many different partners during a class or a social dance party (i.e. not choreographed dances that you can only dance with certain people), it is often even encouraged to try to dance with everyone in the party.

This concept let’s each person to mingle with everyone in the event and there is always time for a chat – each person also shares the same interest and passion (dancing) so you always have an ice-breaker! Think about how many classes or social dance evenings you can attend in a week and imagine how your social pool can increase from up to twice as much! You never know – maybe from your new friends business connections and ideas to share! 

2. Meet the Love of your Life!

Yes, you can actually meet your match!

Social dancing gives you the opportunity to meet new people as we discussed already, however it also raises you chances of meeting the love of your life, and it has happened numerous times! Many people fall in love with salsa and then find a partner and fall in love as well – so not only a magical way to meet someone, but also a healthy activity and passion to share together.

Sharing the same hobby, with the same determination to improve and have fun (with a little discipline as well), attending classes and socials together allows people to meet and get to know better each other, relationships to develop, and to find the perfect partner for the their life.

3. Be Part of a Community

When you start dance classes – you might be surprised to learn that the friendships you make extend beyond the classes and socials, and into your “normal” life. This can include dinner parties, outings together, beach parties and dance getaways (including internationally). We tend to develop such strong bonds, that we can even become an adopted (dance) family!

The Social dance community is a positive environment for a person to develop and grow, not only in their dance skills but also their confidence and personality! Salsa clubs have a great vibe and music, you can enjoy a drink and greet your dance family, meet new people, and so a great place to hang out, becoming a weekly highlight!

4. Change your Outlook on Life

Dance is scientifically proven to be a mood improver and we know it’s good for your body and mind – but let’s explore how exactly. For a start, dancing salsa is actually a whole body workout, working on muscle tone and cardio fitness, with the added bonus of learning a skill that you can take just about anywhere in the world!

Apart from the physical benefits, we see students blossom with confidence, positivity and a healthy community and social life.

Sometimes we think that we are not “talented” at dance, and it might have stopped you from going to lessons before, however giving yourself the opportunity to open up and try something new and possibly difficult, is satisfying in so many ways, given the chance.

Improve your confidence in life, being so social and interactive every week with current and new friends will bring you out of your shell, this is especially true for anyone suffering with body confidence issues – social dancing, in particular, Salsa and Bachata teach you how to be confident in your own body and how to move to feel great!

The social interaction that is naturally combined with salsa classes and events, means that you will be constantly in exciting atmospheres with people from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds, so you never know what interesting opportunities will present themselves with these new connections from friendship and relationships, even to business ventures and career changes.

Learning to dance teaches you that there are numerous possibilities in life, keeps you open-minded and brings you so much happiness!

5. Live in the Moment

In this modern day, we are preoccupied with our busy lives, our job and ever invasive technology. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! Dancing can be for some like a mini escape, expressive and FREEING!

Social dancing is something that only exists in the moment, and that is why dancing is so amazing for de-stressing and staying in the moment.  When we learn the steps in a class our body and mind is focused only on coordinating the space and limbs of ourselves and our partners, meaning that there is only the opportunity to stay in the moment, and for an hour or more away from any life problems or deadlines, away from phones, technology and stress. 

Written by Rhian S.

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