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Classes, Events and Perfomances 

Below you can find all our videos uploaded on our YouTube channel, you can visit our website to check the new videos or you can follow us directly on YouTube and subscribe to receive notifications (don’t forget to Subscribe and Like) about all our new videos. You can see our images here.

See our Youtube Channel Below

On our YouTube channel you will find all our own footage! Maybe you’re curious about our social dancing events or classes – you can watch them directly from the dance floor to the channel (all of those fond and fabulous memories) and check out the UK and Australia dance scene!


We also upload videos of our routines from the classes in case you missed them or want to revisit a move, plus you can watch our performances featuring Mariano y Rhian and some of our exciting student showcases (we are so proud of all of them)!


To support our dance community we record multiple videos about Salsa Dance and Bachata Dance for Beginners, so you can even start to learn from the comfort of your own home, or take a head start with the steps if you’re a little nervous before joining our classes.


Remember – practice makes perfect and it’s important to practice with different dance partners when you’re learning so that you can start to learn to adjust to different types of leaders or followers!

R&M Latin Dance Video Channel

Video gallery on youtube RM Latin dance Sydney
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