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Get Your Feet Moving: Discovering the Rhythm of Havana D'Primera Salsa Band

havana d'primera salsa band

Get ready to embark on a musical journey that transcends borders and captures the heart of Cuban salsa. In this blog post, we'll explore the infectious beats and soulful melodies of Havana D'Primera, a band that has become synonymous with the rich musical heritage of Cuba. Join us as we delve into the history, music, and impact of this extraordinary Cuban salsa ensemble.

The Genesis of Havana D'Primera

In the heart of Cuban music, a rhythmic phenomenon emerged in 2007 that would set the international stage ablaze—Havana D'Primera. Founded by the musical virtuoso Alexander Abreu, this timba band captured the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the depth and diversity of Cuban musical traditions.

Alexander Abreu - The Maestro Behind the Music

Alexander Abreu Manresa (born September 6, 1976) is a trumpeter, songwriter, and vocalist from Cuba. He is the leader of the band Havana D'Primera.

On September 6, 1976, he was born in Cienfuegos. After graduating from the National Art Schools (Cuba) (ENA) in Havana in 1994, he had become a well-known Cuban pianist by the age of 20. He then became a trumpet teacher at ENA and a jazz and Cuban music lecturer at Denmark's Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

The Signature Sound of Havana D'Primera

Explore the distinct musical elements that define Havana D'Primera's sound. From the intricate arrangements of horns to the compelling percussion, dissect the layers that create their signature blend of timba, salsa, and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Chart-Topping Discography

Take a tour through the band's discography, exploring their chart-topping albums and hit singles. Here a list of one of their famous albums:

Global Impact and Recognition

His debut release for Páfata Productions, "Pasaporte" (2013), earned positive reviews from the international press and was named one of the finest Latin albums of the year by NPR listeners. The Los Angeles Times ranked it one of the ten best Latin music albums of all time. Furthermore, it received the prize for "Best Popular Dance Music Album" at the 2013 Cubadisco Awards, as well as the award for "Best Choreographic Video" at the Lucas Awards 2012, for the video for the song Al Final de la Vida.

"La Vuelta al Mundo" (2015/Páfata) received the honours for "Best Popular Dance Music Album" and "Grand Prize" at Cubadisco 2015, as well as "Best Popular Dance Music Video" at the Lucas honours 2016. Similarly, the video for Me Dicen Cuba received a "Special Award" at the Lucas gala.

"Haciendo Historia LIVE" (2016/Unicornio) was a live album that revisited the topics of the first album, and it was available in two formats: CD / DVD.

"Cantor del Pueblo" (2018/Páfata) won the Lucas Awards 2019 for "Best Popular Dance Music Video" and was nominated for "Best Salsa Album" at the Latin Grammy Awards 2018.

The single "Quiero Verte Otra Vez" (2020/Páfata) won the Special Prize at the Lucas Awards gala in 2020, and the French newspaper "Le Monde" named it one of the top Latin songs.

Finally, the album "Será Que Se Acabó" (2021/Páfata & Unicornio) was released as a tribute to 1980s and 1990s Cuban popular music. It earned the 2022 Cubadisco Grand Prize as well as two honours in the categories of Dance Music and Sound Design. It was also nominated for "Best Salsa Album" at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards.

Alexander Abreu's Stage Presence

Alexander Abreu's dynamic stage presence and charm improve Havana D'Primera's live performances; his method of connecting with his audience is distinct and emotive.

Havana D'Primera's Influence on Salsa Dancing

The influence of Havana D'Primera on the salsa dance world was enormous, and it continues to be so with subsequent releases. Discuss how their colourful arrangements and rhythmic compositions have become staples in salsa dance workshops and social dance events all around the world. The rhytm pattern of their style of composition makes for a voyage of emotions and fun for dancers all around the world, inspiring many dancers.

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