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Do you need Dance Shoes? These are some of our suggestions on Amazon!

Are you looking for a pair of salsa and bachata dance shoes that won't break the bank? R&M Dance School has tested and found several pairs of shoes at great prices on Amazon. These shoes are perfect for classes and performances and provide you with the quality and comfort you need. Check them out and let us know what you think! For any questions, please contact us through our CONTACT page.

 Salsa and Bachata shoes for Girls 

Dance Shoes - Comfort

🔥Less Then $50

Front adjustable straps and crisscross adjustable strap with rhinestone on your ankle for an easy and comfortable dance experience for your class and on the dance floor.

adjustable front dance salsa and bachata shoes high heels

Dance Shoes - Light

About $100

Lightweight, comfortable, suitable for amateur & professionals for Latin

rhinestone salsa dance shoes high heels

Dance Shoes - Flexibile

About $110

Extremely flexible, comfortable, different color to choose and bigger rhinestones.

bigger rhinestone high heels salsa dance and bachata

More Choice For You!

 Salsa and Bachata shoes for Men 

Dance Shoes - Agility

🔥Less Then $60

Are you starting to dance? Are you a beginner on budget? These are the best solution and tested from us! As dancer we use them every day and the results is amazing, at least 2 years life with intensive use.

salsa dance and bachata  shoes for men

Dance Shoes - Classic

Less Then $70

Nice Quality and Light, we suggest them as social dance shoes, but they are really good for practise as well, they are flexible like socks and very comfortable. 

classic dance shoes

Dance Shoes - Sneakers


For these shoes are not really on budget but if you are looking for something cool in a Sneaker Style this is the ultimate dance shoe for boys!

Sneaker Dance Shoes Salsa and Bachata

Cheap Price - Longer Wait!

Fast Delivery - Fair Price!

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