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Bachata Dance Artists: Daniel y Desiree

Who Are They?

Daniel y Desiree are arguably the world’s most famous and important Bachata dance couple at the moment, performing at the majority of the world’s Latin dance festivals, as well as being branding and marketing king and queen in the bachata scene.

Both artist were born in Spain, Daniel started as a hip hop dancer at 10 years and Desiree started as a salsa artist at 13 years. After dancing together for a short time, they became Spanish bachata champions in 2010, in 2011 European champions and in 2012 world champions, it wasn’t long after they built their legacy and now their brand is established as Sensual Bachata and fusion artists.

Not only are Daniel y Desiree successful dance partners but they are also happily married with their first child in 2018, and also own their own fashion line for dancers called Gueguere.

dance artists bachata daniel y desiree

Bachata Sensual & Bachata Moderna

Daniel y Desiree have developed their unique brand over the years they have been dancing together, their connection as a couple makes their performances particularly special and allows them to make some intimate movements that are required when dancing Sensual Bachata.

Sensual bachata is characterised by body rolls, body isolation and slower extended movements, the style is identified by the music, usually (but not always) to slower bachata tracks, and drawing techniques from contemporary and ballet dance.

The most important thing for successfully dancing bachata is the connection between the couple and their expression of the music through their movements, it doesn’t matter how many new or fancy step you know, as long as you do what you know with intention and passion.

Daniel y Desiree have a romantic and charming stage presence – while they dance they only have eyes for each other, when performing they stick to simple and dramatic routines added with their signature moves in their shows and demos.

Daniel y Desiree "Brand"

This dance couple are social media experts, giving their fans a peak at their relationship and lives through videos and pics, as well as weekly demos from the festivals they teach at, and make sure you keep a look out for extra tips and tricks they sometimes give away.

With a dance-wear line for called Gueguere, sponsorships for beauty products, millions of views and followers on Instagram and YouTube, and World-Mastery course, Daniel y Desiree have truly have revolutionised the dance scene throughout Europe and the world with their unique style.

In conclusion DyD are an icon for many dancers, they inspire many people that want start dancing and learn bachata, they truly inspire many dance teacher such as, their way to feel the music to connect with your partner. We benefit our students with the same approach and the results is impressive, thanks to DyD Bachata has a new life and can be still spread over 100 countries, our students are showing more passion and of course more discipline!

Article written by R&M


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