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Is Salsa Dancing Easy?

is salsa dancing easy to learn blog post

Let's say you want to start salsa dancing because one of your pals is, or you've seen some videos on YouTube or Instagram about these wild socials latin parties, and you're pretty sold on it, but you're wondering if it'll be okay for you. And how long have these people been dancing? or how long will it take me to reach such a level? Worse nonetheless, will I be able to dance and learn a new skill?

After these thoughts, 79% of people simply abandon the idea, 16% return to think about it more, and only 2% really begin to do it.

Few people go to the socials party so they can see for themselves what it looks like, and they are overwhelmed just seeing those people dance confidently on the dancefloor!

People that start dancing do so because they witness the happiness and freedom in the dancers' smiles, the connection that they have when dancing, and everyone knows each other like a huge family.

Simple or Not?

This is why we'll finally tell you whether salsa or bachata dancing is simple or difficult. The answer is yes, it is simple! And No could be the worst experience you've ever had! Let me begin by explaining why this can be a negative experience for you.

Most people who wish to learn to dance think that salsa dancing is one unique discipline and that all dance schools or dance courses are the same, with the only variation being location, therefore the answer to their dilemma is simple: I'll just go to the closest or cheapest class. There are few outcomes: some are really lucky (5% of the time) and join the correct dance school, but most are captivated by offers, low costs, because a friend joined, or because they live very close, and you have the right mix for the worst experience.

What does it imply? There are many salsa and bachata dance schools, but which one is the best? Actually, 80% of dance schools are amazing; the real problem is that as students, you have different tastes, goals, or achievements that are not always aligned with the dance school that you choose; this is why it is important to research the story behind each school, watch their social media, and ask yourself if you see a fit for you in there as well; this is one of the most important points to ensure that you enjoy most of the journey or experience.

We have a few matters for you to ask yourself while you search for a dance school that can meet your needs: Are you looking for a Dance Course? Are you only interested in drop-in classes? Are you looking for a certain location? Do you want to meet more people? Making More Friends? are you looking to truly understand the discipline? for when you want to reach a specific level?

After you've answered those questions, you'll have a better understanding of what you're looking for! Now that we've found the ideal dancing school setting, let's see if Salsa Dancing is Easy or Not!

Skill or Art?

Firstly, we must recognise that dance is an Art form, which necessitates a careful and passionate learning process. The difference between a skill and an art form is significant; you can have a skill that you apply every day, such as making coffee, and people thank you for your service, and there is an art form to make coffee, so the skill evolves into something else that is actually personal to the coffee maker, such as the way you create the shapes on top of your coffee; this is a moment when a skill evolves into art.

So we must first learn the skill and be open when we are ready to transform it into art, at which point we will look like the people dancing on the dance floor or on social media.

Learn to dance is similar to learning a language in that we begin with the basics and essentials and grow from there. What makes the skill develop is the practise; we cannot expect anything after one hour of class; repetition is essential, especially in physical forms of art where we want to look with a specific aesthetic.

And, once again, learning salsa and bachata dancing is simple because it is all about the dancing hours you accumulate as a dancer; for example, some people dance for 5 years but probably only dance 20 hours per year, so you can achieve the same level and amount of hours in 1 month or less if you want!

Another reason salsa dancing is simple is that it comes from a culture and is used for socialising in places like Cuba, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, which means it is designed to be simple to learn step by step the discipline.

So what you Waiting for? Start to Dance!

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