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Dance Lesson in Sydney with R&M Latin Dance


Join Sydney's Craziest Salsa and Bachata Dance Classes

dance salsa and bachata Sydney RM Dance

Dance with Us and Experience the Thrill that'll Shock You
from Head to Toe!

Designed for a young Community!

What we Offer:

Our Secret and Easy Method

Do you think that dancing is only for people more coordinated? Do you think you have 2 left feet? Doesn’t matter with our Salsa Class or Bachata Class, you will succeed 100% with our secret method we'll teach you how to dance in only 6 weeks!

2 x Award Winner

This award means so much to us, as a highlight of our career – it means that all of our passion, hard work and dedication that we put into our students and into our art form is being recognised! We have to thank our beautiful students for all their support over the years.

Friendly and Fun

Looking to start something fun and social? Looking to make more friends and connect with more people? Salsa and Bachata Dance is the solution for you! Make 100 more friends in only 6 weeks! 

Classes and Courses

Our Dance Courses


salsa dance lesson sydney R&M Latin Dance

6 Week Salsa Dance Course

Are you a complete beginners looking for Salsa classes in Sydney but you are not sure when they start and where? No problem, check our 6 week Course Page and get all the info that you need, you are just one click away to join the most exciting Dance School in Sydney with the biggest classes! Our classes offer a unique and easy learning style with a balance of fun with technique to make you the best dancer you can be! Prebookings only! So don't wait, there are LIMITED TICKETS!

Bachata Dance lesson Sydney R&M latin dance 6 weeks course

6 Week Bachata Dance Course

Looking for Bachata Classes with the best style and learning techniques to make it easy and effortless? You have finally found the right dance school! We will teach you the secrets, help you get your coordination and dance to the craziest level that you can imagine! Plus, you will meet other passionate people that want learn like you and have a great time! Click below to start your journey with our 6 weeks Bachata course.

Private Dance Lesson in Sydney with R&M Latin Dance

Private Dance Lessons

Private classes with R&M are for complete beginners who want to take their first steps, as well as experienced dancers who want to improve their leading/following or styling skills - each lesson is tailored to your specific goals and learning pace. Available for Salsa Dance, Bachata Dance and even Wedding Dance Choreography in Sydney. Book with your partner and learn together or book by yourself and we will provide a partner for you to dance with. 

Wrapped Gift Boxes


Why you should choose R&M?

Salsa Classes and Bachata Sydney dance course beginners

So many of you are probably asking why our course is different or unique? The answer is simple! Our courses are DESIGNED for YOU based on a huge amount of research and years of experience to make sure that your overall experience will be the best TIME OF YOUR LIFE!


Our Secret Method is easy and fun. We embrace new beginners and help them develop into what they desire, with a crazy fun approach! Learning is physical and logical at the same time, we can try to explain it, but the best way is to experience it and see for yourself! Remember, nothing is impossible! 

The Best Things You Must Know About Our Courses!

Here we reveal what you get from this incredible experience (apart from learning the amazing skill of partner dancing) one of the best things about our classes is the opportunity to meet new people. Salsa dancing is a social activity, and our classes provide the perfect setting to make new friends and connections. You'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for dance, creating a supportive and encouraging environment.

A Mind Blowing Team

Our experienced instructors have dedicated their time to researching how to help beginners to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor from their first lesson. We understand that starting something new can be intimidating, but our teaching style ensures that everyone feels included, valued and 100% successful. Our goal is to make salsa dancing accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous experience or ability.

A Final Tip For You!

So if you're looking for a salsa dance class in Sydney with a nice atmosphere, friendly people, and a welcoming environment for complete beginners, join us and discover the craziest time with salsa dancing while meeting new people and learning to dance, all in no time!


  • What kind of shoes should I wear for my Salsa or Bachata class?
    We recommend wearing comfortable, lightweight shoes that allow for more freedom of movement for your feet. Smooth sole are highly suggested.
  • What should I bring to my Dance class?
    We recommend that you bring a water bottle, comfortable clothing, and a towel.
  • What are the benefits of salsa dancing?
    Salsa dancing is a great way to stay active and have fun at the same time. It can provide numerous health benefits, such as improved physical fitness, improved coordination, and increased cardiovascular health. It can also be a great way to socialize, meet new people, and make friends. Finally, salsa dancing can provide a great sense of happiness and joy, as it involves a lot of fun and energy.
  • What can I expect when I attend R&M Latin Dance class?
    When you attend a R&M dance class, you can expect a fun and energetic environment. As your teachers we are committed to providing a positive and encouraging experience for all students, regardless of their experience level. We will guide you through the basics of salsa dancing and help you progress at your own pace.
RM Latin Dance Sydney Salsa and Bachata dance course


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