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Finally! How to Meet New People and Make Friends Without Social Media in Only 6 Weeks in Sydney!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Finally! How to Meet new People and Make Friends Without Using Socials in Only 6 Weeks in Sydney!

Social Media or In Person?

We all use social media but sometimes it doesn't feel like a natural way to meet someone! Some of you can recall a time before the arrival of the phone and friend/dating aps, and enjoyed the experience of meeting new people in person. You could meet simply by walking down the street with some friends, making new friendships, and having a tonne of in-person conversations organically!

I'm joining the Gym to Meet People - No Chance!

Well, keeping fit is important but to actually meet someone in the gym is a long waiting game of chance, in modern cities like Sydney, this is especially challenging. Many people move to a big city and find it to be extremely isolating or overwhelming and difficult to make new friends, so what happens is they try to join the gym in the hopes that one day someone will speak to them, or finally you decide to speak with someone and hoping they turn up at the same time as you, but guess what? There is no chance, so you try to start interacting with your work colleagues, however, some of them are not interested to socialise or leaving their current positions and moving on, which makes it stressful to make friends in a way that was normal only few years before.

Make Tonnes of Friends in Only 6 Weeks!

Let's finally find the solution of how to quickly make friends in person and genuinely improve your social abilities! You'll soon discover more about yourself. What do I mean? According to statistics, people spend so much time on social media, exploring a multitude of topics and viewing so many pictures of strangers that they barely engage with people anymore!

Well, believe it or not, Salsa dancing is one of the best solutions; Joining a dance school can be the answer for you - they have hundreds of people in your age group that are looking for the same thing you are! This is the way to try something new that involves all genders and social dancing is an activity that actually involves interaction with each other.

You will make more than 50 Friends in only 6 weeks! What? Yes, so let's compare - so in 6 weeks in your job you could probably make two friends in your list of coworkers who have something in common with you that is in a similar age group to you, who might be available to hang out with you on a Saturday night (statistically low), or perhaps you finally pluck up the courage to ask that person at the gym you've been seeing regularly to hang out and hopefully they say yes. Most of us these days feel lucky just to bump into someone on the street and get a smile back!

The second alternative - is Latin social dancing... That offers you nights out 80% of the time for free, which means you'll hang out at least 50 people that you know and probably another 200 other people who dance there and enjoy the same hobby as you do, making it simple to make friends! Joining a Latin Dance School can not only help you make more friends, but it can also help you find a better career, start a new relationship, boost your confidence, get active, reduce stress, and so much more, for a better life full of people who love you.

In conclusion making friends is so easy within only 6 weeks in big cities like Sydney, so what are you waiting for?


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