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10 Worst Followers in Salsa Dancers

Types of dancers in the social

10 worst followers in salsa dancing

We all have a personality when we dance - during the social dance is when it comes out!

Too funny (because it’s true)!

If you’re a leader and you’ve been dancing in the salsa social parties perhaps you’ve come across one of these worst followers while dancing salsa!

Check out the top 10 worst types of dance partners in salsa – Hopefully it will make you laugh too! (Maybe even some names come to mind.) You’ll recognise some obvious ones like The OverDipper and The Bored One that speak for themselves, all the way to other personalities like The OverStyler (who concentrates on their styling instead of your lead) and The Reject (who may obviously and rudely decline you to dance with someone else instead!)

We dance with so many followers in one social dance night you are bound to come across at least one of these personalities!

We always encourage everyone to dance with different partners, and most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised with a new partner – and remember beginners are the future of salsa, so don’t forget how important it is to give a chance to new dancers to practice and enjoy dance as much as the regulars! If you do happen to recognise one of these personalities, most of the time it’s just amusing, but please remember if you really don’t enjoy to dance with someone for whatever reason – always remember you have complete right to refuse a dance, always be polite and gentle (go easy on the lady).

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Video by Baila Productions!


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