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Dance Artists: Jesus Aponte

salsa latin dance artist famous Jesus Aponte blog post

Who is he?

Jhesus Aponte, two time World Salsa Champion, a “salsero” from birth, born in Puerto Rico – he came from a family of musicians which introduced him to world music, and consequently Latin jazz, hip hop, salsa, broadway, swing, cha cha cha, Caribbean and Afro-Cuban dance styles.

During his life he moved to New York where he developed and worked his skills as a choreographer, working on Broadway and The West End, he has taught all over the world, now his artistry is hugely sort out in America and Italy (Latin dance capitals of the world). 


Aponte Style – his style is a fusion of those listed above and most often performing in the style of Salsa Romantica as seen in the videos below. He is a real gentlemen when performing and social dancing, fusing technique and effortless style and charm.

It is often difficult for tall dancers to look good when dancing, however he is also one of the great examples of tall dancers who do look good, he uses his long lines and height to his benefit giving him a elegant, technical and professional performances. Plus, keep an eye out for one of his huge influences – Michael Jackson.

Aponte Style - Lady styling

Sometimes ladies are surprised by male teachers teaching Latin lady-styling or heels classes, but sometimes the best teachers are male! Aponte is sort after for his ladies classes, even wearing heels himself during the classes and usually training Salsa on 2.

Other Projects

Aponte’s passion for all dance is shown in all facets, training his students and giving opportunities to perform and dance with him. Among his performance projects he also worked on Dancing with the Stars and choreographed for many music video clips and live stage performances, also including an appearance in Italian movie Latin Dream.

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