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Dance Artists: Wilmer y Maria

Wilmer y Maria

Cuban Salsa Dance Artist: Wilmer y Maria

Who are they?

Wilmer y Maria are a unique and iconic dance duo in the Salsa world, combining their training in Afro-rumba, ballet, contemporary, Cuban folk dances and Spanish dances, both graduating from Cuban dance academies where they undertook their training.

They moved from Cuba to Italy in 2002 (Salsa capital of Europe!) which has propelled them forward as one of the best Cuban Salsa artist duos and put them on the stage in some of the biggest salsa festivals of the world.

If you are looking for cool Cuban salsa dance routines, cuban folk dance (orishas) demonstrations or afro-contemporary performances they have it all! If you get a chance to attend any of their classes – take it!


Below are some examples of their classes from festivals, you will recognise some routines from your own classes and some more advanced moves that are mainly performed with your dance partner.

They give style and flare to every dance with their natural musicality. We see Maria using beautiful hand and body styling and Wilmer often using fintas to show off his speed and style. Wilmer often uses the orishas Chango and Ogun in his solo work. He’s very cheeky with his use of Guaguanco in Rumba, you can often see Maria laughing about it during the dance. Maria refer to orishas such as Yemaya and Oshun, and don’t forget that awesome high kick!


In their stage performances you will see all their influences, moving swiftly from formal ballet technique to the raw and primal. Despite their height difference they compliment each others style perfectly, with a flare for the dramatic with muic choices, costume, props and acrobatic partner work!

Truly amazing to watch on stage, Wilmer y Maria are very artistic and creative with their story telling using many references to Cuban folk dance. You can see Maria has a little obsession with The Black Swan ballet with her dance moves and sometimes costume choices (even having a swan tattoo on her back). 


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